Grieghallen 20180528 Live (CD)


"Grieghallen 20180528 Live" by Ulver on CD.

House of Mythology proudly presents the official release of Ulver’s monumental Grieghallen concert from the 2018 Bergen International Festival.

Grieghallen 20180528 documents the pinnacle of Ulver’s 2017–2018 touring cycle, following the release of their landmark album The Assassination of Julius Caesar. A massive explosion of sound and light went off in Bergen that night, leaving the baffled audience floating somewhere between pleasure and fear.

Professionally multitracked by the Bright AS stage tech team, Kristoffer Rygg and Anders Møller were asked to mix the tracks for the 2020 “streaming edition” of the same festival. After having circulated as a YouTube bootleg, it is now being made official partly due to popular demand, and partly because we think of it as a magnificent companion piece to the studio version of Caesar – showing Ulver at the height of their live game.

The release comes as a gatefold DLP and CD designed by Ritxi Ostáriz, with a testimonial by Audun Lindholm.

This limited release is available to pre-order on black and/or coloured ReVinyl: every ReVinyl record is one of a kind, we have no idea what colours will come your way.


1 Nemoralia
2 Southern Gothic
3 1969
4 So Falls the World
5 Rolling Stone
6 Echo Chamber (Room of Tears)
7 Transverberation
8 Angelus Novus
9 Bring Out Your Dead
10 Coming Home

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