Palermo Shooting
Palermo Shooting is a movie from 2008, by Wim Wenders. The movie's main theme is vanitas, the perishability of life. It tells the story of a photographer, who is currently at the height of his career, however looses all sense of reality due to his anxiety. On his quest of searching for the meaning of life, he goes to Palermo, where he meets death as a personified figure and earns a new perspective for life. The music, that constantly plays through the main character's headphones, plays an elementary role.

1. Grinderman - Dream (Song for Finn)
2. Get Well Soon - Busy Hope
3. Portishead - The Rip
4. Irmin Schmidt - Flavias Thema
5. Iron & Wine - Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
6. John Roderick - It′s a Departure
7. Calexico - The Black Light
8. The Velvet Underground - Some Kinda Love
9. Thom - Beds in the East
10. Irmin Schmidt - Trompete 2 Fresco
11. Beirut - Postcards From Italy
12. Fabrizio De André - Quello Che Non Ho
13. Jason Collet - We all Lose one Another
14. Bonnie „Prince“ Billy & Matt Sweeney - Torn and Brayed
15. Monta - My Impropriety
16. Sibylle Baier - Let us Know
17. Irmin SchmidtCello 1, bei Flavia
18. Rosa Balistreri - Quannu Moru
19. Grinderman - Song for Frank
20. Beth Gibbons - Mysteries
21. Get Well Soon - Good Friday

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Palermo Shooting

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Release date: 7 Nov 2008

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